The 2013 Masters…First One Without My Dad!!!

The 2013 Masters…First One Without My Dad!!!

by Russ

AugustaNationalMastersLogoFlowersI remember the 1997 Masters really well.  It was the first one I ever watched.  I watched it with my dad!  I was a young fellow back then and dad really wanted me to watch this with him.

My father loved golf and the Masters was his favorite tournament.  I recall him having it on the television on Sundays growing up, but it was nothing I was into.  Nope.  I had dreams of becoming an NBA player.  Well that never happened.

Dad talked about this young kid, Tiger Woods, and this was supposedly going to be “His” year.  Sounded like it could be interesting.  So I agreed to watch it with him.  I am really glad I did.

We both watched Tiger win his first Masters.  I enjoyed spending the time with my dad and learning all about golf.  That same year, my sister and I took him to the local golf course and went with him for a round of golf on Father’s Day.  I will never forget that time.

After that, I was hooked on golf and dad and I made it a tradition to watch the Final Round of the Masters each year together.  And, we did.  It was something we both looked forward to.  When times did not allow us to watch the Masters together on Sunday, we would stay in phone contact throughout the day.

Most of my normal readers know that I lost my dad this past December.  This is the first Masters that he is not here, physically.  I miss him, but I know spiritually he is right beside me.  And today, we will be watching the final round of the 2013 Masters together.  If I listen closely, I can hear a Tiger roaring!!!

WATCH the 2013 FINAL ROUND of THE MASTERS TODAY LIVE with DAD and I…Click HERE ~ Enjoy!!!

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