Naturally detox your body with these six power foods

Naturally detox your body with these six power foods

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Jonathan Benson, staff writer

detox_pic(NaturalNews) There are all kinds of intense detoxification protocols out there  that can help cleanse the colon, blood, liver, and other bodily organs and  systems of toxic materials. But sometimes the easiest and most effective way to  keep your body maintained and in check is to simply incorporate more cleansing  foods into your everyday diet. Here are six “power” foods with known detox  benefits that may help you and your family steer clear of chronic pain, disease,  and other toxin-induced health conditions:

1) Garlic. This simple  bulb is prized in the culinary world for its pungent and robust flavor, but it  is also one of the most powerful detox foods you can eat. Most notably, garlic  supports the healthy production of digestive enzymes in the liver, and is a key  component in the body’s manufacturing of glutathione, a nutrient that Dr. Mark  Hyman, M.D., refers to as “the mother of all antioxidants.” Garlic also aids in  the production of various sulfur compounds and bio-active selenium, two more  nutrients that are critical in the detoxification process. (

Garlic is also one of the  most effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial foods known to man, possessing 39  unique anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and antiviral agents,  according to Dr. Mark McClure, D.D.S. Regularly eating fresh or encapsulated  garlic can help remediate the damage caused by poor diet, environmental  pollution, food toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, stress, radiation, aging, and  other sources of toxic inputs. (

2) Leafy  greens. This “superfood” category shows up often on lists of  health-promoting foods, and for good reason. Leafy greens like kale, spinach,  alfalfa, wheatgrass, and chard are loaded with chlorophyll, a powerful cleansing  nutrient that is sometimes referred to as “nature’s green magic.” The lifeblood  of the green plant world, chlorophyll is a natural blood-builder and cleansing  agent, and is known to help scrub clean cell structures throughout the body and  promote new cell life. Chlorophyll also halts the growth and development of  toxic bacteria inside the body, and is generally known to counteract toxins. (

3) Citrus  fruits. Starting your day off right with fresh-squeezed lemons, limes,  oranges, or grapefruit — or all of the above — is another effective way to  regularly detoxify your body. Besides priming the digestive tract for food  and spurring the production of digestive enzymes, citrus fruits are also  particularly rich in vitamin C, which is recognized as one of the most powerful  detoxifying vitamins in the natural world.

According to the Vitamin C  Foundation, vitamin C taken in therapeutic doses can help counteract the  toxic damage caused by non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and other  pharmaceuticals in the liver. Vitamin C also helps rid the body  of mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals, as well as aluminum and other  toxins. Other excellent natural sources of high-dose vitamin C include camu camu  berries and acerola cherries.

4) Raw vegetables.  Broccoli, onions, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, artichokes,  carrots, cauliflower, beets, turmeric, and oregano — these and many other  vegetables and herbs work synergistically with one another to cleanse the body  and prevent a buildup of toxins. Like garlic, each of these foods is rich in  naturally-occurring sulfur compounds, which the liver needs to effectively  eliminate toxins and promote cell growth, as well as detoxifying glutathione.  (

Since  eating large quantities of raw vegetables every day may be difficult for some  people, juicing them is one great way to maintain a high input. Carrots and  beets tend to add sweetness to any juice blend, while cabbage has more of a  neutral flavor. With the more spicy and flavorful vegetables like onions and  oregano, adding more of these to salads and other fresh foods is a great way to  boost intake.

5) Chia, hemp seeds. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids,  both chia and hemp seeds are excellent intestinal cleansers. According to Dr.  Edward Group III from the Global Healing Center, omega-3 rich seeds and  oils in general help lubricate the intestinal walls and draw out toxins in order  to eliminate them from the body. Chia seeds are particularly effective in this  regard, as they swell and form a gel-like coating when soaked, which elicits a  powerful detoxification effect in the gut. (

6) Sea vegetables,  algae. Recognized for their powerful alkalizing effect on the body, sea  vegetables, seaweeds, and certain sea algae varieties like spirulina and  chlorella are also amazing detoxifiers, as they literally suck up toxins in the  digestive tract like a vacuum, and expunge them from the body. Sea vegetables  and algae are also rich in trace minerals and other nutrients, which fortify the  body’s own natural detoxifying systems. Just be sure when sourcing sea  vegetables and algae to choose suppliers that have not been affected by the  Fukushima disaster in Japan, and that regularly test their products for harmful  radiation.

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