Cigarettes or diet soda: Which gives you cancer sooner?

Cigarettes or diet soda: Which gives you cancer sooner?

by S. D. Wells

Cigarette_Butts(NaturalNews) Most people who smoke a pack a day of cigarettes know they are  treading on thin ice regarding their health, but how many people realize that  drinking 30 or more ounces of diet soda each day could prove to be more lethal  than a pack of cigarettes? And how can diet soda be worse than regular soda?  Even though there are over 4,000 chemicals in one commercial cigarette, the  leading chemical in diet soda may actually be breeding more cancer cells in  human beings, and thus leading to malignant tumors sooner in life, according to  recent research. (
Could cancer be the end  result of depression? Killing brain neurons and expediting cell death may be  killing people faster than lung cancer, and chronic depression is fuel for  overwhelming cell mutation and the taking over of organs by mutagenic warped  cells, also known as blood cancer. (
People who  smoke cigarettes are locked into a vicious cycle of boosting their ambition and  dopamine levels with a highly addicting drug, nicotine. The cigarette hangover,  which begins with smoking 4,000 chemicals and then waiting for the nicotine to  subside, is just the beginning of lung cancer and the mutation of  cells.
Cancer thrives in an acidic body where the cells are deprived of  oxygen and nutrients. Yet, even worse than cigarettes  are artificial sweeteners, which fool the body into ingesting them, as if they  are food, and polluting the cleansing organs with mutagens. Some research shows  the body never excretes all of the aspartame, sorbitol, sucralose or saccharin.  When a human consumes Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-Low, etc.,  their cleansing organs, like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas are overworking  and malnourished. You cannot live without these organs. Aspartame is GMO, so the  blood is infected, with synthetic carcinogens (which it does not release  properly, if ever) which cause central nervous system (CNS) disorders and make  you hungrier! That’s right, synthetic sugars drive hunger and actually make most  people put on weight. How ironic, right? (
It  is proven that obesity is a driving force of cancer, so whether you consume  excess SUGAR or ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, you are feeding the same destructive  forces in your body, in your cells, changing your DNA, and the long term  effects have “no cure.” So, when it all boils down to it, drinking 3 or 4 diet sodas per day is more  dangerous than smoking a pack of cigarettes, about 20 cigarettes, in one  day. Although diet sodas contain less chemicals than cigarettes, these specific  “diet” chemicals are choking cells and mutating DNA at a higher rate, leading to  chronic disorders of the digestive track, breakdown of the CNS and ultimately  leads to the development of cancerous tumors. It is “programmed cell death” and  your mitochondria cells are basically suffocating. If you combine toxic food and  toxic medications prescribed by Western doctors (MDs), the addictions being  “programmed in” are like programming an early death. (
There is no  prescription drug, and there never will be one, which cures the problems that  artificial sweeteners create. Over 70 percent of reported cases of  fibromyalgia, chronic depression, IBS and acid reflux are caused by consuming  chemical agents which have been approved by the FDA. ( The good news is that there are  natural cures for both diet soda addiction and cigarette addiction.

Don’t eat cancer, don’t smoke cancer, and eat organic food only

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